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Beatles Help! Rare Stereo Promotional LP (Holland - Parlophone 5C-062-04257, 1965).

This special issue of the HELP album was produced for Shell Oil in Holland for the kickoff of their 1979 “Shell Helps” campaign. As part of this promotion, Shell Oil arranged to produce a small number of these special versions of the Beatles’ HELP album to be given out at a company-wide meeting of their Dutch distributors and store managers. Less than 2000 copies were printed—-so unless you were a Shell Oil distributor or store manager in Holland in 1979, there’s a good chance you may have never seen one of these rarities in person.

Never before and never since have the Beatles allowed any of their official albums to have been given such a major cover artwork overhaul for a commercial promotion by another company. One can only wonder how this one managed to get approved.

Or is this all photoshopped and all made up? Will have to ask Perry Cox about this.

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